Tartufata Cup

For those who like the classic revisited, 100% dark chocolate ice cream, 100% Piedmont IGP hazelnut ice cream, a heart of dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts.

Cheesecake Cup

Delicate cheesecake cream, crunchy 5-grain biscuit, all wrapped in a tasty strawberry glaze and fresh wild strawberries

Fruit Cup

Creamy fruit ice cream, variegated with Amarena flavour

Lemon Cup

Refined 100% Sicilian Lemon PGI sorbet

Tiramisu Cup

Tiramisu semifreddo with chocolate sponge cake, chocolate fondant, cocoa sprinkling

Bronte Cup

100% Sicilian Pistachio Ice Cream, Chocolate fondant, fresh Pistachios and Chocolate chips.

Degustando Cup

Hazelnut ice cream, Hazelnut semifreddo, Gianduia semifreddo, Cereal chocolate, Chocolate fondant and Hazelnut crumbs

Lemon and Limoncello Cup

Refined sorbet Limone di Sicilia IGP 100%, Limoncello ice cream with Limoncello fondue

Delizia Cup

Delicious hazelnut and Gianduione ice cream, chocolate fondant, cream semifreddo and Amaretto granola.

Nutella Biscuits Cup

Delicious Nutella and Hazelnut variegated ice cream, Nutella Ferrero cream and Biscuits biscuit

Nougat Cup

A refined ice-cream with a delicate but intense flavour, with Nougat ice-cream, Rum Croccantino ice-cream, cream, and a break in Nougat of Calabria