Quality and Passion, these are the cornerstones of the family business that has made Pizzo’s Tartufo great. A success story linked to Calabria, to Domenico Penna, to his father Vincenzo, to whom goes the great intuition of having glimpsed in the renowned Pizzo ice-cream a great potential, and to his brother Francesco, who for years have been producing homemade ice-creams and marketing them nationally and internationally, basing their philosophy on Transparency and Authenticity.

Quality is a process that is built over time...

«IL TARTUFO DI DOMENICO PENNA» is a company that has been able to realise a typical product of the town of Pizzo, the truffle, unique in its kind, giving it taste and quality, and has done so with the painstaking work of Domenico, Vincenzo, Francesco and their collaborators, who constantly cooperate in the company’s growth.

Constant Customer Focus

The company offers its customers a wide range of products, including hard pieces (truffles and fillings), tubs, mignons, plate dessert line (cups and cakes), take-away line (walk-in ice cream), cold pastry line.

Each product is made from top-quality raw materials typical of the place of origin, perfectly traceable thanks to the quality management system.

Each item is designed to attract the customer’s attention, and is presented ready to serve, guaranteeing optimum yield and considerable savings in time and preparation.

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Professionalism at the Customer's Service

Thanks to high production efficiency, the product conforms to market demands, guaranteeing the retailer a superior quality ice cream.

Sales are managed by Attempted Sales, Presales and Directional Sales. The company offers a national and international service, is permanently active in 8 regions, in which there is a network of agents, and also offers a directional service with refrigerated couriers, in the regions where there is no agent. In Pizzo, on the other hand, there is a sales outlet and a historical ice-cream parlour in the town’s salon, Piazza della Repubblica. The main market segment in which the company operates is the HORECA sector, which includes restaurants, bars, ice cream parlours, accommodation facilities and shops. Sole Objective:


Pizzo and...
how truffle ice cream came into being

Our company is located in Pizzo Calabro, the birthplace of the frozen truffle. It is a small Mediterranean village perched on a rock overlooking the sea of the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia and has become famous over the years for the historical events that took place, such as the execution of Joachim Murat, King of Naples and nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, inside the Aragonese castle and the construction of the enchanting and unique Piedigrotta church in the tuff.

From a culinary point of view, today Pizzo is more famous than ever for its tradition in ice cream making and in particular thanks to the invention of the Tartufo Gelato.

The ice-cream truffle of Pizzo calabro was born here in the early 1950s, when the then ice-cream maker and confectioner of Messina origin Giuseppe De Maria, known as ‘Don Pippo’, set up his already famous ice-cream parlour in Pizzo’s main square.

Don Pippo has to make a supply of slushies for a wedding reception, but lacking one, he has the genius idea of moulding and combining one part chocolate ice cream, one part hazelnut ice cream in one hand, filling it with melted dark chocolate accompanied by a cherry and closing it all up to form a kind of ice cream ball all covered in powdered chocolate.

Thus was born the famous Tartufo Gelato di Pizzo Calabro whose name was given to it because of its shape, it is not known whether it was inspired by the dawn truffle or the already famous sweet truffle.

Our company has been skilfully carrying on the tradition of ice cream truffle processing for many years now, maintaining the old craftsmanship, taking care of the quality of the ingredients and at the same time innovating with new products and variants.

Quality, tradition and innovation come together in a single work and life project.