Linea Deluxe

The Gran Tartufo with Bronte Pistachio PDO

Pistachio di Bronte 100% PGI ice cream, with a soft heart of dark chocolate, covered with a break-up of pistachios. Refinement and flavour in a unique ice cream.

The Grand Truffle Walnuts and Figs

For lovers of tradition, a creamy walnut-flavoured ice cream with a heart of caramelised figs, wrapped in a break-up of caramelised and roasted walnuts

The Grand Truffle Rocher

Pamper yourself and delight in a dessert with a soft heart and a crunchy coating. Ice cream rocher with a heart of dark chocolate and wafer, all wrapped in a hazelnut and milk chocolate coating

The Glutton

Chocolate icing, panettone sponge cake, almond nougat ice cream, gianduja parfait; cherry cherries, chocolate fondant, nougat grains, IGP Piedmont hazelnut ice cream

The Grand Classic Truffle

From the tradition of the town of Pizzo comes the Classic Truffle with chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts, with a drop of fondant, all covered with low-fat cocoa and sugar

The Festivities Grand Truffle

Hazelnut 100 Piemonte IGP ice cream, Gianduione semifreddo, soft heart of dark chocolate, all wrapped in a delicate Chantilly cream and Amaretto grains.

The Deluxe Kiss

Delicious Bacio-flavoured ice cream, with delicate parfait, whole hazelnut crumbs, all covered with a crunchy dark chocolate coating

The Deluxe White Kiss

The Ice Cream Panettone

From the tradition of the town of Pizzo, comes the Classico Panettone Gelato Artigianale, filled with chocolate ice cream, hazelnut ice cream, soft chocolate heart, nougat parfait, almond nougat flakes, all covered with a chocolate glaze.

The Dove

From the tradition of the town of Pizzo, comes the Colomba Gelato Artigianale filled with chocolate, Piedmont hazelnuts, fondant drop with Torroncino parfait, and almond nougat flakes.